Macarroni with tomato and cheese

L'Arnau ha treballat aquesta recepta de cuina a l'assignatura d'anglès.

1 grain garlic
1 unit onion
125 g (lined) cheese emmental
1 leaf laure
l 280 g macarrons
1 cullerada (10 g) oil of extra virgin olive
1/4 culleradeta (2 g) sugar
1/2 kg mature tomato

Make a tomato sauce or use tomato sauce that you made in advance, about 350 g (if you had it in the freezer, or let it defrost the wake in the fridge or defrost it in the microwave at the moment).
Put the water in the pan on the heat until it boils.

Leave the water and pour the pasta. Strain it with the uncovered pot (if not, the water spills) and stir it often; After the water begins to boil again, count: 7-10 min (see the time indicated by the pasta package).

Dump the paste (do not rinse it under the tap as it is sometimes done, because then the paste would lose the starch, which is what makes the sauce adhere to it and gives it that texture that we appreciate so much). Take the following process immediately to prevent macaroni from sticking together.

Put the macaroni and tomato sauce in an oven tray, mix and spread the mixture thoroughly.
Spread it and the cheese over the macaroni.

Put the baked tray in gratin..


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